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ADVENTURES' ZONE is one of the highest quality and most innovative playgrounds in the world. Our team has been involved in the construction of countless theme parks around the world, including the latest in Disneyland. We have created well-known attractions in Latvia, such as BUNGEE SIGULDA, ZĒRGLIS and AERODIUM. We have gained valuable experience in all these large-scale projects and have therefore selected only the best and most modern child developing attractions in creating the ADVENTURES' ZONE playground. The new adventure park was designed by AERODIUM engineers, a team that built the largest wind tunnel in the world for the Hollywood movie “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and taught Tom Cruise how to fly.

We have created this adventure park for those who appreciate:

  • superior quality and innovation
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • family activities
  • cleanliness and hygiene
  • the highest safety standards
  • art and creativity
  • the opportunity for the child to develop both physically and emotionally